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About Us
Rapid Learning Center is the leading provider of rapid e-learning solutions in chemistry, biology, physics, math, statistics and other core courses at high school, college levels and beyond. We also offer test prep rapid learning packages on MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, Pre-Nursing, AP, SAT and other standard tests, with more to come.

Our Rapid Learning Team is a team of talents including university professors, high school educators, learning specialists and instructional designers.

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Education Director
Wayne Huang, PhD

Science & Math Faculties
Kelly Deters, Ph.D.
Christine Hermann, Ph.D.
Theodore Nusbaum, Ph.D.
Manjula Shantaram, Ph.D.
P.T. Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Nithya Narayanan, M.S.
John Luo, Ph.D.
Feng Liu, Ph.D
Shabir Bhimji, Ph.D., M.D
Thomas Dinh, B.S
Keith Duda, M.Ed.
Julie Gallagher, M.S.
Peddi Prasad, Ph.D.
Jessica Barnes, Ph.D.
Bijan Berenji, Ph.D.
Raphael Buencamino, M.D.
Guohua Chu, Ph.D.
Chi-Chiu Chu, Ph.D.
Russ Dahl, Ph.D.
Daniel Deaconu, Ph.D.
Diop M. El Moctar, Ph.D.
Terri Gilbert, Ph.D.
Poornima Gowda, Ph.D.
Andrew Graham, Ph.D.
Jessica Habashi, Ph.D.
Steward Huang, Ph.D.
Stephanie Harris, M.S.
Elizebeth James, Ph.D.
Louis Landerman, Ph.D.
Larry Lay, Ph.D.
Fabio Mainardi, Ph.D.
Casandra Rauser, Ph.D.
Livy Shivraj, Ph.D.
Kevin Stewart, Ph.D.
Michelle Wedemeyer, M.D.
Cesar Anchiraico, M.S.
Gary Zhou, Ph.D.
Anup Kale, Ph.D.
Sonia Gawande, Ph.D.
Sreedevi A. Maya, M.S.
Grace Antony, Ph.D
Malla Reddy, Ph.D.
Shetha Shukair, Ph.D.
Jessica Davis, M.S.
Sara Olson, Ph.D.
Jennifer Green, Ph.D.
Theresa Johnson, M. Ed.
Mark Cowan, Ph.D.
Adel Arshaghi, M.S.
Susan Kim, Ph.D.
Ingrid Huisman, M.Ed.
Wendy Perry, M.A.
Barry Monk, Ph.D.
Celestin Wafo-Soh, Ph.D.
Satoshi Takahashi, Ph.D.
Jayashree Balakrishna, Ph.D.
Michael Nancarrow, Ph.D.
Linda Seeger, M.A.
James Serpa, M.S.
Reuben Silberman, M.F.A.
Michael Bartlett, M.S.
Paul Toppo, M.S.
Joan Forder, Ph.D.
John Delmastro, M.D.
Dan Kiel, Ph.D.
Beverly Hamilton, Ph.D.

Creative Designers
Khiem Hoang
Erik Schlegel
Kristina Kish
Jennifer Schwartz
Anthony Smart, Ph.D
Selena Seoung

Tech Writers
Robyn Scott
Maurna Desmond
Michael Mason, M.A.

Copy Editor
Richard Sandore, M.D.
Sandi Gostin
William Tannerbring
Kelly Lowe

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