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Rapid Learning for TeachersAre you the dedicated teacher looking for better way to teach?

Rapid Learning Solutions

We are the science and math teachers like you with passion in teaching and the desire to help students. Our RapidMastery system is an educational breakthrough in rapid learning, especially on the subjects of science and math. We teach the courses everyday like you and understand the teaching challenge with today's students in and out of the classroom.

How We Can Help You in Teaching

We offer the rapid tutorials to cover the entire course, each tutorial covers the core concepts in a chapter and relates them to problem solving. You can use this visual tutorial either in your classroom teaching or after-class one-on-one tutoring.

Smart Teaching for Smart Learning

Do you want to elevate your teaching into the next level? Do you want to empower your students to be smart learners? If so, subscribe Dr. Wayne Huang's Smart Learning Weekly for smart teaching and savvy learning.

What will you get for this free weekly rich-media eZine? You will learn...
- How to help students learn quickly
- How to convert them into smart students
- How to teach them read science textbooks
- Menmonics and phonics to help content memorization
- Top 10 test-prep tips and 21 test-taking strategies
- 7 ways of effective time management
- How to learn anywhere anytime
- A lot more tips and video
- Rapid Learning special offers

Smart Learning Weekly - Rich Media eZine

Note: We respect your privacy. We will never sell or rent or share our subscriber lists to the third parties. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Get-A-Free-Course Teacher Referral Program

Rapid Learning Center would like to partner with you to empower your students with the state-of-the-art web-based learning, the media and platform they are very familiar with already. You can also use our video tutorials for lecturing or tutoring purpose anytime anywhere via online access.

As to the new teachers, you can quickly review and re-learn the course(s) with our 24-hour series to prepare your upcoming teaching systematically and comprehensively.

Free Course for All Teachers: If you have a class website, just create a verifiable web link there to Rapid Learning Center's website, you, in turn, can get one premium course ($144 value, online only) of your choice, with 12-month web access at no cost. The affiliate commission is not applicable for Teacher Referral Program.

Here is how:

Step One: Copy and Paste the Link Code below to Your Teaching Webpage.

After you have pasted the above code, your webpage should display as shown below:

Supplemental Learning: Rapid Learning Center's rich-media 24-hour tutorial series provides a rapid and visual mastery of the subject via expert-narrated video tutorials, game-based problem drills and super review cheat sheets. A great supplement for the course materials. Go and start your rapid learning at www.rapidlearningcenter.com.

Step Two: Register at New Referral Sign-Up to include the following information.

  • Your Name
  • School Name
  • School Address
  • Courses You Currently Teach
  • Your Email
  • Your Website in School
  • Your Teaching webpage with the link to Rapid Learning Center
  • Your Choice of Rapid Learning Course

If you already have login id, please login at Current Referral Login

Step Three:

Notify us by sending an email to vip@rapidlearningcenter.com when you are ready for us to verify the link. We will verify the link according to the Term and Condition below and enable the premium course of your choice within 48 hours.


Terms and Conditions

This link must be on your main teaching page or one-click away from your main page, at a reasonably visual position.

  1. Your class web page must be part of your school's official website hosted by your school.
  2. This link must be kept on your school website for at least 12 months.
  3. You could modify and re-style the link text with our approval.
  4. You will be granted a personal license to our course, for your individual use. You can use for classroom lecturing purpose. However, you can't make copies of our course materials and re-distribute to your students and anyone in any form. You can't share your login access with others or post our content on the web. Otherwise, you must obtain an explicit written approval from Rapid Learning Center to utilize/modify our courses beyond the personal use.
  5. Currently, this pilot program is only available to US, Canada, UK and Australia schools and colleges only. We will expand this program internationally in the future.
For more information about our Teacher Referral Program, please contact:

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