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Smart Learning Weekly
SK190 - Chemistry Survival Kit
Chemistry Survival Guide eBook
The Chemistry Survival Kit - How to Study and Ace Any Chemistry Course, by Dr. Wayne Huang, is a powerful template-based system in how to ace any chemistry course step-by-step, with insider-tell-all secrets to boost your score in chemistry.
  1. 134-page how-to-study guide and 8 templates
  2. 2009 eBook Edition
  3. Easy 5-Step ChemMastery System
  4. How to Memorize Chemistry with ease
  5. Chemistry Professors' confessions
  6. Cheat sheet templates
  7. The KUDOS problem solving method
  8. 12-minute math review
  9. 101 Chemistry study tips
  10. Chemistry core concepts in 6 pages - master cheat sheet

Chemistry Survival Guide eBook

Complete details at its own website: http://www.ChemistrySurvival.com

Available in Download


 SK191 - Organic Chemistry Survival Kit
Get Organic Chemistry Survival Kit Now
The Organic Chemistry Survival Kit - How to Study and Ace an Organic Chemistry Course, by Dr. Wayne Huang and Dr. Jennifer Green, is an insider's guide to organic chemistry mastery, with the step by step instruction and shortcut to success, ideal for students who are taking ochem.
  1. 143-page organic chemistry study guide and 7 templates
  2. 2009 eBook Edition
  3. Easy organic chemistry memorization tricks
  4. How to deal with organic chemistry professors
  5. How to prepare and predict organic exams
  6. How to tackle organic problems
  7. The survival guide to the organic labs
  8. 101 organic-specific study tips to help you boost your grade

Organic Chemistry Survival Guide eBook

A website with similar details: http://www.ChemistrySurvival.com

Available in Download


SK290: Biology Survival Kit
Get Biology Survival Kit now
The Biology Survival Kit - How to Study and Ace Any Biology Course, by Dr. Wayne Huang and Dr. Theodore Nusbaum, reveals a powerful yet simple template-based system to study and ace your biology course step-by-step with less time for better grade. Gain the competitive edge with ample of insider's tips and tricks to master biology the easy way.
  1. 152-page biology-specifc how-to study guide and 8 fill-in-the-blank BioMastery(tm) study templates
  2. 2009 eBook Edition
  3. How to build biology survival instincts
  4. How to memorize biology concepts and facts easily.
  5. Top-10 survival skills to be a smart student in biology and other related fields
  6. Problem-solving in biology with the BIG-CPA method and template
  7. Biology students' confusions and biology professors' confessions
  8. 6-page master cheat sheet for all chemistry concepts
  9. 101 biology study tips plus much more ...

Biology Survival Guide eBook

Complete details at its own website: http://www.BiologySurvival.com

Available in Download

SK390: Physics Survival Kit
Get Physics Survival Kit now
The Physics Survival Kit - How to Study and Ace Any Physics Course, by Dr. Wayne Huang and Keith Duda, offers a shortcut to physics mastery via the 5-step template system and physics-specific tips and tricks. Empower yourself with physics survival skills and ace any physics course with ease. Get your competitive edge with this kit.
  1. 140-page how-to study guide in physics and 9 PhyMastery(tm) study templates
  2. 2009 eBook Edition
  3. The complete yet simple 5-step physics study system to ace your course
  4. Top-12 physics student confusions in physics
  5. Physics professors' confessions
  6. Top-10 Physics core survival skills
  7. How to memorize physics concepts and formulas
  8. How to make physics cheat sheets for easy review
  9. Super condensed cheat sheet for all physics concepts at-a-glance
  10. 101 physics study tips and more

Physics Survival Guide eBook

Similar details at its website: http://www.ChemistrySurvival.com

Available in Download


Why Dr. Wayne's Survival Kits?

Simple answer: it works - this will help sharpen your study skills in this given course and boost your score with the least effort and best performance.

Here are the compelling reasons you should get started with this kit and begin your journey to academic success.

  • A break-through 5-step study system via take-you-by-the-hands approach
  • Survival guides on lecture previewing, note-taking, textbook-reading, homework, exam-prep and exam-taking.
  • Step by step problem solving system to make solving homework and exam problems simple and easy
  • A time-tested proven cheat sheet method for learning
  • Super memorization skills needed for academic mastery
  • Learn how to predict exam questions
  • Insider's guide to read professors' mind and reveal their confessions
  • Exam strategies for various exam types such as multiple choices, essay, true/false etc.
  • Four-step panic system to cramming, if you have to.
  • Super-condensed master cheat sheet for all the key concepts in the course

Any difference between the Rapid Learning Courses vs Survival Kits ?

These two are totally two different learning tools - one is the home-study course and the other one is how-to-study guide. Working together synergetically as the 2-pronged attack for sure-fire academic success.

Here are the differences:

1: The rapid learning 24-hour series are rich-media courses in movies and drills format, while survival kits are the how-to study guides for any given subjects in ebook format.
2: Viewable movies vs printable ebooks
3: Course content vs study tips and tricks

The two combine together to make a perfect weapon to ace your course.

Rapid Learning + Survival Kit = Surefire Success


Smart Learning Weekly
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